Miracles happen every day...

Miracles happen every day...

Friday, February 18, 2011

A million calls...

After a million phone calls and endless hours spent on the phone I am happy to say I've made progress! Lilyana has her insurance back, will be starting school sometime in March, and will be seen at one office for all of her treatments. So much stress is relieved! I am so happy for the schooling mainly. She will do great and she's so excited. She even got her wish... to go to school with Naty! She'll be going there soon :)

She even pre qualified for some additional assistance that will help with schooling. I am stoked!!

Now to get through the next couple months and ton of appointments! Feb/March are busy busy busy!!

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  1. See that! Persistence pays off. Good for you girl! So glad that everything is working out and falling into place for you. You deserve it. xoxoxo