Miracles happen every day...

Miracles happen every day...

Thursday, September 23, 2010

This N That

It's going to be a good day today... I am going to make it be. Woke up with a headache from hell, gritted  my teeth all night. I usually don't do that, it's from stress. What's stressin' me right now? There's not a lot that I can think of unless it's subconciously, which it probably is. That's OK though, a few days in the garden & house work should do the trick. I am happiest in the yard, feeling the dirt between my fingers, pulling weeds, watering. Who needs a psych doc when you have the sound of water :) That is the best therapy! Not to mention my kids digging along beside me. That's awesome too! Or seeing new starts of seeds I planted.... I could go on for ages about it, but I won't. I should add some newer pics of my garden I think. 

This is the fall garden :) Along the fence is my sweet peas. Coming forward is different kinds of cabbages, sweet potatoes, onions, anaheim is still there, strawberries, green onions, & carrots

Close up of peas :) 

Pomegranate trees I am starting for my BFF :)

Morning Glory... my birth flower
Tamarindo trees I started from seed

I think so far everything is looking pretty good. I am excited to see what happens through the winter & what we do with the front yard. I have lots of ideas for my Spring garden & I plan on utilizing both front & back yards for fruits & veggies :) 

I desperately need to clean the patio, carport, and both yards. A dirty house & tons of laundry awaits... I will add more later <3

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