Miracles happen every day...

Miracles happen every day...

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A little slow

But I am back :) I am going to try to post regularly & use my blog more then I do FB. I think FB is great for short updates, but here is where I can get into detail :) I am excited to have my blog again. I am hoping that everyone will enjoy it. No idea what I will be posting about, but my last blog was too damned depressing. YUCK! No more of that, I'm sure there will be varying posts here, but I don't want it to focus so much on the negative, you know?

Well, new pics of the garden to come... I have planted a fall garden... carrots, radicchio, diff cabbages, peas, and I still have sweet potatoes, strawberries, my anaheim pepper, and bell peppers. Of course my fruit trees & grapes are still there, and I have new trees too! Tamarindo & Mango :)

Happy blogging peeps!


  1. Welcome back my fab friend :) Love the new blog already - the colour is super-positive and I feel happy just looking at it. Vibrant! And green is my favourite colour :)

    Love ya!


  2. yay! still at www.mommiejoy.blogspot.com and of course our family blogs

  3. So glad you're back too sweetie! Love ya