Miracles happen every day...

Miracles happen every day...

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Jan 8th 2011

Lots to do today. I don't really feel like doing it all, but it's my job... or that's what Ben would say. Guess I agree with him to an extent... but everyone else gets a day off, why not me?  

I am going to go grocery shopping & also to buy a present for Lily's 3rd birthday. It's a very exciting time for me. Kinda bittersweet when I think about it. I don't want her to grow up & i do want her to. I am so tired of these terrible 2's, and her anxiety & aggression. But in the same sense I can still hold her close, smell her hair, smell her morning breath, play with her, and be a part of her world. She's still my baby, still comes to Mommy when she's sick or hurting, or when she needs anything. I dread the day when that changes. For all of the things that annoy me there are a million things I love about her. There are a million things I will miss when she's grown and moved on. Gosh... my baby is turning 3. 

My bubba's is going to go into his "big boy bed" tonight. It's actually his crib converted to a toddler bed. STILL, it's a big step for us and I am excited. 
Pretty nifty lol. It's bittersweet here too because he's my last baby, and he's a toddler now. Wow!! Well I love my babies and thank God for them <3 I am going to make it a point to cherish even the smallest thing. Call me cheesy.

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